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We were blessed to have spent some time with our good friend and his wife, Joe Fox and sister Kate, in the middle of July.

It is not a coincidence that Ark Haven and Shofar Mountain are so close to one another both in geography and in purpose, in spite of the fact that they were founded by different men and at different times while yet entirely unaware of one another at their founding.  Just like it is not a coincidence that there has and continues to be a large migration of Christians to the Ozark Mountains in Northern Arkansas and Southern Missouri.

I have personally met many people here that have never heard of either Ark Haven or Shofar Mountain who have come to the area on the conviction that this was God’s will for their lives.  While my personal experience may not be a scientific sampling for a proper survey, I would venture to say that more Christians are moving to this area in obedience to the leading of God in their lives than non-believers are.  Of all of the people whom I have met here that have moved here in the last five years, one hundred percent have moved for the hope of religious, and also political, liberty; for the hope of Christian community; and to live a “simpler” life.

Ark Haven and Shofar Mountain are the realization of that dream.

 If you have moved to the area and are already established, I would suggest getting acquainted with one or even both.  It is possible to be part of the community without being in the community’s borders.

If you haven’t moved to the area yet, you should most certainly consider joining one or the other.  The Ozark Mountains are a safe haven.  Being a member of an intentional Christian community makes the haven all the safer.

Although I personally live outside of the bounds of Ark Haven on an established and well cared for property, I have hopes of building a new home, a new shop, and new livestock enclosures one day on a piece of property within Ark Haven and sharing my and my family’s lives with our brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus in the Ark Haven community.


Please watch Pastor Joe Fox's video on Ark Haven.

My 13 year old daughter, a budding photographer took some pictures while we all talked.  Sadly, the audio on the video that I took was ruined due to an issue with the camera enclosure.  All of the King’s horses and all of the King’s men couldn’t fix the audio in Adobe Audition this time around.  But I assure you, it was a great conversation.  What a great day, and what a wonderful group of men.  I hope you enjoy the article; the pictures; and, of course, the video.

May the Lord bless you this day with a deep desire to seek Him in His Word, with a keen understanding of His Word, and with the leading and strengthing that is the result of the indwelling of His Holy Spirit within us.