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A “bug out location” is just what it sounds like: a place to go when disaster strikes, and you need to “bug out” for the safety of your loved ones and yourself.

With each passing day, all signs point to this time being the days of tribulation. Social unrest is mounting, and the event of a natural disaster adding to our nation’s turmoil could easily push our society over the edge and into chaos.

What would you do tomorrow if there were a major crisis? What if overnight, you and your family lost access to gas stations, grocery and hardware stores, your local bank, and the basic, modern conveniences you take for granted every day, such as electricity and running water?

Where would you go as the rest of the world panicked, took to robbing one another and committing acts of violence on their neighbors?

Intentional Christian communities have, for years now, been heeding the prophecies warning of these looming threats and have been preparing for major modern calamities ranging from chemical, biological, and nuclear warfare, to economic collapse, and natural disasters.

For those living in intentional Christian communities located in the safe haven of the Ozark Mountains, preparedness is a way of life. Their “bug out location” is their permanent home. These communities focus on homesteading and making themselves self-sufficient. Their lifestyle embodies a daily practice of “bugging out” within a supportive, productive community that is hiding in plain sight.

A View From the Top

Here’s what to look for in a bug out location and why the Ozark Mountains are a true Christian Safe Haven:

Ease of Access

A bug out location should be easy to get to in case of emergency. Survival experts are adamant that a bug out location take no more than a single tank of gas to access or be more than a five-day walk away.

Evacuation Plan

Not only should your bug out location be relatively nearby, but you also need a plan for how to get there. Your evacuation plan should include various routes for accessing the bug out location in the event several roads are closed due to natural disasters, police blockades, hostile neighbors, and so forth.

One should be sure to have a pre-packed bug out bag to sustain you and anyone who may be with you while you travel to the safe location. Must-haves in your bug out bag include: a first-aid kit, knife and multi-tool, rope/paracord, canteen and water, prepared food, fire starter, light source (flashlight, lantern, headlamp, etc.), poncho, sleeping bag, tarp, self-defense gun and ammo, and an extra set of dry clothing. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but these are basic items every person should carry whenever possible.

Physical Attributes

The ideal bug out location is rich in natural resources (water and wild game), will have a favorable climate and soil for farming, will be safe from natural disasters (earthquakes, fires, hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, etc.), and possesses physical attributes that allow for concealability and protection.

The Ozark Mountains have all these features, which is why so many prophets have designated the Ozark Plateau as the safest physical place on earth. This remote part of the United States has a soft and forgiving climate, meaning neither the summers nor winters are very harsh or extreme. The terrain is mountainous, but gentle, with an elevation of a moderate 1,000-2,000 feet, and abundant woodlands enable concealment and isolation.

The region is verdant, with plenty of lakes, rivers, streams, and rain that make the land perfect for an agrarian lifestyle and a prime place for “strategic relocation,” otherwise known as a bug out location. A growing number of Christians have realized this fact, and the Arkhaven intentional Christian community located at Silent Hill Farms is a friendly, welcoming group of like-minded Christians helping one another to live off-grid in a beautiful piece of God’s creation.