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Members of Silent Hill Farms and other intentional Christian communities in Arkansas realize the prophetical and practical significance of Northern Arkansas, and more specifically, the Ozark Mountains.

The Ozarks are, according to Silent Hill Farms’ founder, a “soft” environment, meaning the climate and geographical conditions tend to be gentle and forgiving.

To live within an intentional Christian community it to strive toward self-reliance – living off the land, depending on God’s bounty and providence, rather than the turbulent trends of the modern world.

The bonds of brotherhood at Silent Hill Farms are strong in Christ Jesus.

Members of Silent Hill Farms and other similar communities have found the Ozarks to be ideal for their goal of “hiding in plain sight.” Community members embrace a quiet, reserved lifestyle that strives to be completely off-grid. Individuals mind their own business, take care of themselves and their families, and offer support and fellowship to their neighbors.

The network of Christian communities in Arkansas has many things in common: they understand that the Ozarks are geographically a safe place, largely shielded from natural disasters. It is also a beautifully lush and generous environment, offering temperate weather, mellow seasons, rolling hills, and an abundance of water, trees, vegetation, and rich soil.

These Arkansas communities also recognize the value of living together to achieve greatness in both the natural and spiritual worlds. Homesteading is hard work, but the burden is lightened with a group of like-minded friends eager to work hard, teach, share, contribute, and learn together.

Belonging to a community of fellow believers is comforting and makes it easier to fortify one’s own soul, as members gather to socialize, foster deep and meaningful friendships, inspire one another in service to the Lord, and work together to grow spiritually and carry out God’s will.