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The goal of members belonging to Silent Hill Farms is to live independent lives harmoniously amongst other, like-minded believers preparing for the end times.

Are You a Good Fit?

Christian preppers need not belong to a particular denomination, but must be honest, community-minded, and homestead-driven people. They must be “awake,” and mindful of their own business, willing to help, respectful, and hard-working. They are a quiet, humble group with diverse skillsets, interests, and backgrounds, striving to live Christ-centered lives in the safety of other people who share the same values.

Silent Hill Farms does not share a purse nor impose Socialistic of Pacifistic principles on its members. Each member or family purchases their own land and builds their own house. Members have jobs both within and outside of the community, and various jobs – homeschooling, secretarial and plumbing work, etc. – are available within the community, as are organized camping trips, group meetings, exercise classes, Bible Study, and other opportunities for social activities.

A Supportive Christian Community
A Supportive Christian Community

The Vetting Process

Prospective members of the Silent Hill Farms meet community leaders at a location in town to be vetted through discussion. Depending on how the conversation goes – the person’s skills, beliefs, outlooks, what they’re seeking, and so forth – he or she, or a family, is deemed to be a good fit for the community and offered a plot of land to rent or purchase. People with criminal backgrounds are not turned away automatically, but are viewed in the light of God’s ability to change people.

About 50 percent of people seeking to live within the Silent Hill Farms community are accepted.

What to Expect

Members of Silent Hill Farms do not have their lives dictated to them. If they are able to stay on their own property and live in a self-sustaining way, they are welcome to do so.

In preparing for the tribulation, intentional Christians are good stewards of the talents God has bestowed on them, practicing the “lost arts” of raising livestock, drying and canning food, smoking and preserving meats, hunting, fishing, gardening, and so forth.

Christian preppers also watch out for their neighbors, both within and outside of the community. Silent Hills Farm is a “town within a town,” with its own security team, fire department, healthcare, and other services. The community has training facilities to teach people traditional skills necessary for homesteading.

Silent Hill Farms members are expected to know, care for, and help their neighbors. Christian preppers self-govern and solve disputes amongst themselves by speaking directly with one another.

If a member of the community changes his or her mind about living in the community, the person is able to sell his or her plot of land and leave, agreeing that Silent Hill Farms has the first right of refusal to purchase the land back.