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There are many misconceptions surrounding intentional Christian communities, and the media and popular culture often falsely stereotype these types of communities as hyper-prepping groups or disreputable occult societies.

An Intentional Christian Community
Community Buildings are Available for Worship Services and Meetings.

The Concept of Preparing

Christian preppers believe that the end of the world is coming, though “when” is something we still don’t know. It is necessary, then, to be separated from the world so we can prepare and survive, because if we can’t survive, we can’t serve. In preparing, it is important to cooperate with other Christians and to live intentionally in a group to minister at an advanced level.

If and when we are ever completely cut off from the world, we’ll be self-sufficient and able to function off the grid. At that time, we’ll be able to feed and protect ourselves and sustain life as close to normal as possible.

‘Hiding in Plain Sight’

Silent Hill Farms, located in the Ozarks, is surrounded by hundreds of thousands of acres of farms and ranches who have homesteaded the land since the Indians. The Christian preppers are very respectful of the existing community – being mindful not to overbuild or overpopulate, instead, growing together and being of help to one another.

Not Socialistic

The Silent Hill Farms community does not adopt the practices of many communes that share a common purse and aspects of Pacifism and Socialism. Each intentional Christian or Christian family purchases and owns their own property and builds their own houses as they see fit, in accordance with some limits of a land covenant.

There are common areas within the community that offer residents the opportunity to hunt, fish, raise livestock, garden, and so forth, and residents are expected to be good stewards of all resources.

Daily Life

Members of Silent Hill Farms do not have their lives dictated to them. They can have jobs within or outside of the community, and they are encouraged to engage in and/or learn “lost arts” that contribute to the community. Classes are offered in myriad homesteading skills, such as canning, dehydrating, handling and processing meats, and so forth.

Silent Hill Farms

Christian preppers are not required to participate in communal life as they homestead and prepare for the tribulation, however, opportunities to socialize and learn from one another abound. Silent Hill Farms organizes camping trips, offers Bible study, exercise classes, training in safe firearm usage, and almost anything a person could imagine. Members are also expected to govern themselves and look out for one another, living as honest, Christ-focused people.