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To prepare for the tribulation, intentional Christians believe they must prepare that they might survive, and in surviving, continue to serve the Lord.

For years, survival experts from various backgrounds have designated the Ozark Mountains as an ideal safe haven for strategic relocation. It is here that members of Silent Hill Farms are able to “hide in plain sight,” homesteading and living off the land by using the region’s 46,000 square miles of abundant resources to garden, forage, raise livestock, and so forth.

The landscape and climate of the Ozarks are gentle – the terrain is soft, and the winters are mild. The mountain region provides water, shelter, and every earthly element necessary to sustain life and continue to grow a Christian ministry.

Silent Hill Farms

Silent Hill Farms community members generally keep to themselves, mind their own business, and are mindful of their neighbors. But they are also willing to help those outside of the existing community – growing in a way that is neither abrasive nor aesthetically disruptive.