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Christian LeadershipMost people who join intentional Christian communities do so after learning of and being drawn to seek out such a lifestyle through the influence of a Christian leader – be it a preacher, friend, relative, or someone else who witnessed unabashedly to his or her faith. Christian leaders are essential for guiding the tepid toward a stronger belief, for remaining as steadfast inspirations during troubled times, and for serving as models who instruct when needed, and who lead by example in daily life. Christian leaders are the members of our community whom others look to for motivation, revelation, and inspiration. Leaders can be given titles and positions of power, but they can also be simple people who fulfill their duties modestly and are recognized as leaders perhaps only by their own children or spouse. These Christians are leaders just the same, and serve Christ admirably, as they have been called to do so in their state of life. Christian leaders are necessary in the Silent Hill Farms community, and in all communities, to act as pillars of trust, faith, hope, and commitment to the service we owe to our Savior.