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Homesteading is a bizarre concept to many people accustomed to the comforts and conveniences offered by the modern world. But those who reside in the Silent Hill Farms community believe we have entered the days of Tribulation, and it is necessary to prepare for life independent of the tumultuous events of the sinful outside world.

To continue to serve the Lord, we must survive, and each passing day brings with it more reason to believe our country will not provide us the means to keep going for long. Escalating violence, financial uncertainty, and increasing societal chaos have made homesteading a more appealing way of life for many in recent years.

Beyond the practical aspects of this lifestyle, i.e., learning to be self-sufficient in a world that is failing us, homesteading offers many benefits that scientifically enhance the physical body and the life of the soul.

Spending time outside has been proven to boost people’s moods, lower stress and blood pressure, and improve focus. Increased Vitamin D absorption from the sun aids in fighting myriad health conditions.  

Exercise, too, is especially good for mental health, as it boosts endorphins and eases symptoms of anxiety and depression. Physical activity also reduces the risk of obesity and the numerous side effects that accompany it. 

Outdoor physical activities have been shown to increase the likelihood of positive social interactions, and doctors are increasingly prescribing “forest baths,” or time spent in nature, as therapeutic remedies for common ailments.

Food procured from homesteading also tends to be healthier, as it’s often grown organically and free from commercial pesticides and genetically modified additives. And growing (or raising!) your own food will likely make you appreciate it more, and you’ll be less likely to waste it.   

Homesteading has the added advantage of liberating a person from common, dangerous distractions (temptations seen on TV or the internet), and gives a person the chance to commune with God in prayer, appreciating his creation, providence, and His divine goodness.